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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Couple Uses Cucumber and Watermelon in their Pre-wedding Photos

I don't know what to day but really all pre-wedding shoots should be cancelled henceforth...what exactly is the issue?

Lady with the ' biggest butt in Africa ' shares bikini photos

 Nice Eudoxie Yao from  Côte d’Ivoire claims to have the biggest butt in Africa.Well,no lady has come out to dispute her claims just yet.
See more new pics she shared.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Loved Up Photos Of Nigeran Couple On Their 34th Wedding Anniversary

A Nigerian lady, Eketi Edima Ette took to Facebook yesterday to celebrate her parents 34th wedding anniversary .Sharing loved up photos of them mwith hilarious captions,she wrote

These two….My parents…. I don’t chook my mouth in their matter anymore.
If I hear ‘pim’, I say, “Abeg o ! Don’t tell me. Before you people will use me to settle your quarrel.”

And so it came to pass….26th of November makes it 34 years together. (They said I should start counting from their white wedding. Okay o).Happy anniversary to you, Val and Babe. I love you both like kilode. Wishing you 34 more years of love, friendship and your unique wahala.
I’m glad y’all too old to make more babies. Otherwise….all this kissery since morning….I’d be really worried.
Still, I’m watching y’all

More @

Friday, 13 October 2017

Lol! Checkout the response to this viral question on twitter

The things we see on social media these days So this question has been trending on twitter all day and the responses are just so hilarious.
Checkout some of the responses below:

Friday, 6 October 2017

At age 57, Woman welcomes set of twins after 27-years of childlessneess (Photos)

God is truly Great At age 57, A Nigeria Woman welcomes set of twins after 27years of waiting in marriage, and 7 years post-menopause. As shared by an IG User with the Captioned:

"At age 57, ...27years of waiting in marriage, ...7 years post-menopause...Jesus wouldn't let down their faith, He wouldn't close their case. He turned their mourning into dancing. He gave them the sweet song of victory.
He gave them two bouncing miracle babies- a boy and a girl.
We join the Josephs in singing His praises to the ends of the earth, cos He's the God of awesome wonders- ONISE IYANU!
If He could do it for Mummy and Daddy Joseph, He will do it for you too. Don't give up on your most holy faith. Praise Him in advance. Give Him an upfront heartfelt worship. ...Onise Iyanu
You are the God of awesome wonders
I've tasted of Your power
Onise Iyanu
You have shown me so much mercy
Much more than I deserve

My eyes have seen, my ears have heard
The wonders of Your praise
Creation bows in awe of You
And we join to give You praise

The words You speak turns things around
Your outstretched hand
Has lifted me
You took away the chains and colts
That held me bound

#oniseiyanu #GodofAwesomeWonders #JesusTheMiracleWorker #Jesus #awesome #awesometestimony #miraclebabies #miracle #twins #cute #cutebabies #nevergiveup #faith #praise #love #wives_and_mothers #olupage
olu_adroit_Woooooooooowwww wooooooow Only one word....MIRACLE!!!. HAPPY for the Josephs.
haryuluwahAll the Glory belongs to God alone"

More Photos Below:



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